This section of the portal contains some of the questions most frequently asked by users. By selecting a question, you can have access to the relative response provided by the editorial staff.

For further information, please, contact the following e-mail address:

Do you provide any statistical data of other European and non-European countries?
Research and databases stored on the CNEL portal are constantly evolving. As soon as possible, Eurostat data concerning European labour market and databases on foreign investments in Italy will be available on line.

How do I read a PDF document?
In order to view and print documents on the PDF format you can download the free Acrobat Reader program to the following address:

How do I find a document in your portal?
In order to find information within the portal you can use the search engine BrainĘtic, one of the most recent research neural systems. Questioning the search engine in natural language you can express the concept you are interested in through typing sentences. The advanced research option allows you to narrow your search.

How can I get a book I’m interested in from your library?
The library is not open to the public. However, you can apply for a pass by sending an e-mail to: ufficiobiblioteca@cnel.it

How can I work at CNEL?
CNEL is a Constitutional Body. In order to be able to candidate yourself for one of their roles you are required to enter a public assessment through licenses and examinations. Official results are published, then, in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic (

Can I get a paper copy of your documents and publications?
Yes, you can. To request documents and publications, please, contact the Publication Office to the following e-mail address: ufficiopubblicazioni@cnel.it

Can I be alerted when new documents or information are published in the portal?
At present, you cannot automatically receive news published in the portal. We are working to activate a user registration area, which will allow you to require personalised information, by topic, by council body, by type of document. The required information will be automatically sent by the system by e-mail to registered users. However, in the home page you will find the “Latest News” section, containing news published in others areas of the CNEL Portal.

Are conferences organized by CNEL opened to the public?
Conferences organized by CNEL are normally limited to guest lists. However, if you would like to find out information on this, you can contact the relevant conference administration office listed in the conference section.

Are data stored in the CNEL databases concerning the Budget convertible into excel format?
Data is immediately convertible into excel format up to the utmost detail: you just need to click the “download” button placed at the bottom of the database on the selected page.

Does database concerning the Budget allow you to follow the institutional steps establishing the Budget?
Yes it does. The CNEL elaboration of the Budget in terms of jurisdiction is extended over 4 years, the last of which separates items by column, documenting the process of establishing the budget from the proposal suggested by the Government to the law approved by Parliament.

Can I consult the terms of a labour contract on-line?
By first selecting “national bargaining”, “consult your contract on-line” in the section “Archives of contracts”, by choosing then the working sector you are interested in, you can have access to the terms of the national labour contract on-line.

Can I find a labour contract which applies to a particular professional profile?
You cannot always meet this demand  because to a given profile doesn’t  always correspond a single labour contract. In other words, it is possible that the same profile is regulated by several labour contracts.

Can I use some of the data or texts you published and include them into a personal research?
A partial reproduction of all published data and texts is authorized, provided the source and the origin of data.

I am interested in following the progress of negotiation for any renewals. Can CNEL provide me with information on this subject?
The CNEL archive of contracts acquires texts only after the signing occurred. In order to get information about stages of negotiation you should contact the associations representing the labour world that are directly involved in the stages of negotiations.

How can I get some explanation about the interpretation of certain rules contained in a labour contract?
The CNEL archive of contracts has not legal advice duties. In order to find answers to these kind of questions you can consult lawyers specialised on labour jurisdiction and / or Patronages belonging to organizations representing the labour world.